Devout Follower on his way back from Crusade


an old veteran of many roads and battles, with graying hair and eyes, he holds a stern look, and wears the crude symbols of his church with humility. over the frame of an ex-soldier for hire

pragmatic, but talkative, he is a history buff and has had a lot of experience traveling the continent, he will talk about his environment to anyone that would listen.


Born the son of a Talenian farmer, he enlisted on to the mercenary group, the Golden Triumph, as they passed by his town one restless summer of his youth. with them he learn to be a fighter, mostly praying on the weak, at the expense of the rich. life was easy for him until his 30th year when his company got hunted down and destroyed by Rivan decree, as they where traveling across the border of Owl’s Clearing, marked as an outlaw down south, he looked to escape his pursuers out in his home city of Talen, where the political tension between both countries denied any form of extradition.

Here he joined the Followers of Torak as a Justicar. putting his muscle to good use, hunting enemies of the church with great success through out the years. but as his body faltered with age, he was eventually changed to the role of Archivist, specializing on the logistics of crusades.

His last crusade sent him and a new recruit called Diana, almost 100 years his senior, to The Empire of the Golden Sun, to capture Sobek an elusive heretic with delicate political ties.

The mission did not go as planned, they where able to capture and exercise the master’s justice on to the heretic, but not before loosing his Justicar.

as he travels back to Talen, with the body of his sister in arms and the skull of her killer. he hired a small band of mercenaries to protect him on his last stretch home.


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