Inquisitor of the Third order, from the Holy Chapter of Talen


Marius was born and raised in the order for almost 100 years now, but not always in the Chapter of Talen. He was born into the small Chapter of Owl’s Clearing, a town under the shadow of the Window Hills, away from the corruption that was festering at the heart of the church. During his early years when he wasn’t as heavy with holy doctrine, he dreamt of dragons and knights, of porcelain ladies from the courts of Riva, and of traveling the courts as an ambassador to his church and god, facing heretic kings at their thrown and dying Glorious Deaths for the cause that would be taught to his bastard descendant 1000 years from then and 10,000 leagues away.

To his unwanted luck, he wouldn’t have to face corruption until well after the fire in his veins had burned out, and it wasn’t until he met Marian late in his fifties that he saw his god given path with clarity again.

He followed her in her holy crusade against her own church from Owl’s Clearing to Talen, serving as a spy and investigator, searching vigorously for the truth behind a vast conspiracy that spread through an empire. During the campaign against these agents of chaos, with the threat of death as a constant companion, he grew fond of the young Marian, and grew to love her as a father and a mentor.

Now at the twilight of his life Marius seems to have outlived his own glory, he is accompanied only by moldy tomes, the letters that he shares with Marian, and the memories of his past conquests. He holds the title of Inquisitor of the Third Order for the Holy Chapter of Talen, and waits until the day Torak has no more use for his living flesh.


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