Tag: Orc


  • Azarash

    Azarash was the proven warlord that ignited the northern side of the continent into what would become the most violent racial uprising in the history of Pangea, he extended the Anarchist religion of Torak out of its humble beginnings as a religion of …

  • Ekkaia

    Ekkaia is a lost Orc of Asnernedi, she traveled the Spearhead mountains in the dead of winter to escape from a village that is no longer hers. Empire Elves have destroyed and claimed her home leaving her with no place to return to. She now grieves in the …

  • Nechefrut

    The First Priest of [[:bal-ab | Bal-AB]], this powerful liche prepared the world for his masters rebirth, with the help of his disciple [[:nicolai-the-mad | Nicolai the Mad]] he sowed chaos and discord across the land. Nechefrut seems to have banish …

  • Nemo II

    The Descendant of Nemo, the founder of Boron, him and Sir Le Poll chased down [[:nicolai-the-mad | Nicolai the Mad]] and [[:nechefrut | Nechefrut]] across the continent.