The Bone Giant

The Living Memory of Kell

Under the light of the red moon, In the High Valley of Kell, roams a bone giant. A colossal shaman of pale skin that looms over trees and hills, carrying with it the violent spirits of these ancient lands. Its steps echo the screams of wounded warriors, it’s bellowing breath the roars of bloodthirsty fighters. Its body is covered by thousands of sun bleached bones, and they rattle like wind chimes with the sound of weapons feverishly clashing on a blood bath.

The giant wanders across the empty pine forests, the white snow at its feet broken by abandoned tools of war reaching out from the afterlife like half buried corpses. the memories of carnage give form to its actors. The spectacle of the dead warriors bleeding their lives into these valleys, breathlessly acting out their last brutal moments, their triumphant empty screams, their slow cold deaths. the red snow drinks in their blood in this cruel dance, never satiated.

These untamed wilds have been scarred by conflict since time immemorial, a brutal world where might triumphs over hope, the land of the eldest dragon god Kell, and the crumbling bones of powerful civilizations, their remains, obscure monuments, their meaning and their names lost to time. These mountains contains the echos of the past, forever reverberating within its empty valleys.

Even hundreds of years after the last person to have known their story has passed away into the all devouring abyss of forget, those that died in glorious battle still live in the shadow of the Bone Giant.

The Bone Giant

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