Forest of Dreams and Nightmares

The forest of Ikamor is the western gate to the valley of Kell, a region that is generally dominated by slavers and warlords from the northern Plains that have ventured past the forces of The Horn to pray on less protected lands, but the forest itself is free of their presence. an old beech-maple forest crowned in orange and yellow leaves, scarlet tanagers, chirping on their branches, watching vigilant, the quiet of the forest falls over this land like a blanket, the only sign to ward off trespassers are the small twig dolls, adorned with bits of cloth and hair, sometimes jewelry, and the tales from the neighboring hamlets about beasts that walk in two legs placing and caring for the trinkets. The majority of these crude markings are found in the village west of the forest, that shares the same name. The gate leading to the forest is almost drowned with them. The locals say that the dolls are the vessels for the souls that wander into the forest, and into the living dream.

The forest is a portal to the dream realm, everyone that enters slowly fades into a slumber, they become sleepwalkers beckoned towards the heart of the forest and tended by the dream watchers, a circle of druids that care for those that walk into Ikamor and the waking dream. Those that dream, dream of the forest as the kingdom of Ikamor the fairy king, where they are invited to have audience with its king, the guests explore the kingdom of Ikamor, satisfying all carnal pleasures for what feels like an aternity as their bodies slowly die of hunger on the physical world, the dream watchers create the dolls so that the dreamers can keep on dreaming long after their bodies have died and been eaten by the druids.

The Druids are pacifists, and tend to rely on the power of the forest itself to protect themselves from outside threats, they serve as gentle guides for those that want to abandon this world. Legend says that all the guests are free to leave the dream while their bodies still live.


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