The Horn

Nationality: The Empire of the Golden Tree
Regent: Lady Meriel
Economy: Trade

The Horn works as the eastern gate to the Empire of the Golden Tree.

it is protected by a series of stone walls, that also work to separate the districts, it is perched on top of the Full Moon Womb, and its main function is as a military base of operations to control the area around the mountain, and a main gate into the Elven peninsula, as such it works as a trade nexus for the land of Asnernedi

The population is highly segregated, with only elves being allowed on the higher levels of the city.

it holds a large church of The Four Great Spirits at its central square, of significant importance, since it is the largest temple of the four east of the wound.

it is also used as a center of operation for most military operations intended to clear the east side of the wound, and as such holds a large military force.

it also hosts a chapter of the mercenary companies Cutting Wind and the thorn.

Lady Meriel is the regent of this city, and although a somewhat uncharismatic leader, she is effective at maintaining trade in the city and controlling the influx of non-elven races into the city.

Shyael is the Captain of the City Guard, which works separately from the Empire soldiers that also operate from this position.

The Horn

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